The story of seeing the light, or how the glow cube came to be...

    The Golden Glow or "glow cube" represents an achievement in collaborative artistic vision. This unique series was manifest between 1998-2000. It was during the development of a series of "cubes" that Craig became intrigued by one piece in particular, a sparkling gold panel.  
    During an outdoor photo shoot, the sun shone on this work so brightly that Craig could see the reflected light on a nearby building. It reminded him of his father's watch trick that would take place on long road trips, when the "lighted bug" appeared on the headliner of the car. The reflected sun made Craig think about the beauty of ambiance that might be attained if this glow could be achieved in total darkness. Shortly thereafter, the cosmos aligned with the meeting of Ryan Anderson.
     As it turns out Ryan had a similar idea at about the same time when he attended the art opening of Mitch Miller, and noticed his use of polyester resins. Ryan thought that this material had untapped potential for utilizing light. His knowledge of l.e.d. technology brought this practical application to the table.
     Craig and Ryan worked over a period of a year and a half to build about 18 prototypes. The first versions were a/c powered with small incandescent bulbs that plugged into an outlet. The latter were d/c powered with l.e.d.*(Light Emitting Diode) lights that could be run from self contained batteries or an optional adapter. Craig was primarily responsible for the aesthetics of each piece, as well as the fabrication of the prototypes. Ryan was the sole provider of the electric component design and interface of the Golden Glow technology.
    It is with great pleasure that we bring this transcendental aura evoking aesthetic to you. If you would like a Golden Glow of your own they are now available on a custom order basis. It's easy, just contact a loving drone at CBP: 

Below you can view the vintage masterworks...