-2008 CBP Tzolkin Landscape Paintings-
All are stretched acid free watercolor paper and measure 12" x 12"

Thoughts on the CBP Harmonic (Tzolkin) series 

While on family vacation in late 2007 we visited the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico. Our tour guide Louis spoke of the former ocean inhabitants and their city. After returning to daily life in early 2008, I noticed a book on the shelf that my wife’s brother had given her as a gift several years ago. Mayan Factor, by José Argüelles, quickly engrossed me into reading it for several hours a day. The information presented was overwhelming to say the least, but it also struck a chord of intuitive agreement.

The Mayan calendar makes use of many symbols, one of particular interest to me called the Tzolkin, or harmonic module, seemed to be very precise and balanced. There is an illustration in another of José Argüelles's books, Time & the Technosphere, which links up 8 harmonic modules. The pattern that was created intrigued me so I began to experiment with drawing mini-Tzolkins on graph paper, counting the cells as I went along and then connecting them together one by one. The hand drawn page became a framework of Tzolkins that looked like argyle to me and is the inspiration behind this body of work.



      -Craig Alan Anderson, May 2008.


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